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Take enough time to get to know someone with herpes

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Being a lesbian with Herpes seems unheard of, but the truth is, there are more ladies out there then you would originally assume that have come in contact with someone who has been a carrier of some sort.

It’s never fun, but I’ve learned for me, the key is, get to know someone over a three month period and after the third make out…

haha, It’s not a mathematical equation, but it does help with the pacing.

What I’ve learned is that disclosing is a filter like anything else and the more someone gets to know you, the less significant something like an STD is.

I have generally found that making out is totally fine, but after the third time over at least a month period, a disclosure isn’t a bad idea.

It works for me and not to mention, it gives me enough time as well to get to know if I even want to get with them.