Five Love Languages

When you love someone, saying “I Love You” is awesome, but it is not the only way. There are at least five different ways to let your significant other know how you feel. Affirmation or telling them, actions or doing something for them, gifts that are meaningful, physical touch including handholding, and quality time all mean giving of yourself.


words-of-affirmation-300x180Affirmation is telling your love that you care. Pay a compliment. A sincere compliment directly from the heart can be a very nice way of letting someone know how much you care for them. Pick out something nice about them and highlight it to them. Learn how to deliver this compliment. You can say it out loud, but make the tone sincere and romantic. Maintaining eye contact and keep a smile on your face as you talk. Speak softly and bring your significant other in close to hear you.


Actions-Speak-Louder-Than-Words-Fact-100-Real-allsoppa-33975479-500-475-300x285You know the saying, “actions speak louder than words.” Express consideration by asking about their day, doing something you know they would like. Give small gifts. Be courteous. If he or she is facing a difficult situation, communicate that you will be glad to help out or just be there. Use your words and actions to show how much you care. Do something small and loving that conveys a feeling of consideration, admiration, and love.



Non-verbal actions, gifts, and letters are perfect. You can outline what you admire and love about the other person in a letter. Write down your feelings. It will give you time to phrase your words, so they are just right. Show you feelings through actions and give little gifts. A smile is a gift, body language that is receptive is a gift, and physically bring something to your love is, of course, a gift. Guys, bring home a single rose or a piece of jewelry that conveys your feelings. Girls, purchase something from his favorite deli. Going out of your way to present a small token is awesome and very romantic.



Physical touch is very romantic. Initiate physical contact with your love. Let them know you want them physically close. Start by walking or sitting near them, touch their arm lightly. Put your arm around their shoulders or playfully bump into them. Grab their hand and hold on for dear life.



Spend quality time with someone you want. Nothing says, “I want to be near you” than quality time. Make every minute count. When you are with them, be with them. Put away all distractions. Forget your cell phone or computer tablet. You are not trying to get to know your electronic devices, but trying to forge something with a living, breathing person. Talk to them, ask questions and take them places to encourage conversation and togetherness.

As time progresses, own your feelings. It is perfectly natural to want to show someone how you feel. Don’t make an excuse for emotions. Avoid over saying, “I Love You.” It could get exhausting for someone else if they are not yet on the same wave-length. Beware of losing yourself in the process of loving someone else.