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Log on and Find Love: How to Write Your Online Dating Profile

your-loveSo, you have tried finding love the traditional way – introducing yourself to that guy or girl, gone to events or even the library to find a love connection or even trying to keep that high school sweetheart because you are used to them – and it has all failed. But there is another problem which is you are living with HIV or an STD such as herpes. So how do you find true love but also make sure that you do not pass on your condition to your new partner? Easy, visit an online dating site for people with herpes.
Regardless of your condition, there are some things that one must consider when creating an online dating profile. First things first, be honest with the vital information that you put in. Give your real names, body type, age address and location in order to give the would-be profile seeker an honest picture of yourself. Speaking of, please place a recent (and good) picture of yourself. There is nothing more frightening than meeting that potential mate and only to find out that the picture he put up was one of themselves 20 years younger or 10 pounds lighter. It is my opinion that the more honest you are about yourself, the higher the chance of meeting someone who likes you for you.
64632014022016111274063033Whenever you sign on to an online dating site for people with herpes, or any other kind, there is always segments that require you to state your likes, dislikes and what you are looking for in a partner. This is also another opportunity to be honest about yourself. I have always noted, with bewilderment, that when someone or a site asks me to write more about myself, I find myself really assessing who I am more than I would on a regular day. Be truthful about what you are looking for, but also be realistic about the kind of partner you want. There is no man who is tall, chiseled with an IQ through the roof, volunteers for doctors without borders, can sing, dance, play at least 3 instruments and can cook up a mean 12-course meal (and if there is and you find him, then congratulations!) or a woman who will never change in body shape, that will always look pretty even when she gets out of bed and can cook delicacies from at least 10 countries.
Another thing to remember when looking for a partner is to keep your expectations on a manageable level. You will not find love as quick as you click ‘send’ on your profile and can take weeks or even months to hook a good one. Try and have some fun and this is achievable by creating a light and catchy title for your profile and if the site requires you to post a video of yourself, be sure to keep it fun and memorable. This will enable you to meet great potential friends and even business prospects in case they do not pass for a potential partner.
There are a good number of dating sites for people with herpes. One may wonder why there is a separate dating site for those with herpes and STDs. The answer is simple; because those that use these sites can do so anonymously and will meet people that will not judge them for their condition. So log on and get dating!


Rules for Writing Your Online Herpes Dating Profile

online-dating-profileA lot of people who are diagnosed with herpes become hesitant to date out because they are afraid of being turned down. Fortunately, these days, we have herpes dating online options, which are specifically created for people who have herpes, assisting them to socialize with other people in a very liberal way. Since everybody in these sites have the same problem, it can also act as a support group for them.

However, just like any other dating site, a herpes dating site is like a market where you also have to show off yourself in a very nice way. One way, to do so, is by effectively writing your online dating profile. How can you effectively come up with a good profile? Read along in order to learn some more.

Tips in Creating an Effective Dating Profile78772014123114365243490315

Now that you have decided to join a herpes dating site, the first thing that you need to do is to advertise yourself. Therefore, your profile should look good, and deliver yourself in a very effective way. Instead of creating an unimaginative and bland profile, you need to give out a hint of sexiness, mystery and excitement over things that can come. All of these things can be presented in a very brief way.

First, you can create a list of all your attributes. This means that you have to write down whether you are handsome, pretty, funny, religious, daring, vegetarian or sporty. Then, you can narrow your list, creating a category for your physical attributes. Make another list for your passion, whether you love hardcore activities or simple ones such as blogging or charity work.

78772014123114365412104279Then, you can also list down the things that you are searching for in a partner. At this point, you need to be very honest. Do you want your potential partner to be sexually adventurous, entrepreneurial, or intellectual? Just write them down. You can also pinpoint things that can make or break a deal. This can also mean indicating the type of relationship that you want to be in, whether you want a relationship to be casual, serious or sexual. You may also identify yourself as a person whether you are impulsive, romantic, supportive, monogamous or stubborn.

The Resulting Profile

After you have compiled all the answers to all of these questions, you will see a bigger view of what you want your profile to look like. Of course, you want to be honest, but you also do not want to create a negative picture. Remember! You are selling yourself in a herpes dating online site. Aside from expecting from potential partners, you also want to be realistic as to the things that you want to experience.

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