When do you know it’s time to end a herpes relationship?

Not every relationship is picture perfect. Every relationship goes through ups and downs but this doesn’t mean things aren’t working out. However, when there are a few complexities in the relationship, it is advised you make a choice and don’t make your life stagnant.

It has been observed that people living with herpes who are in a relationship with someone who isn’t affected with the STD, are more likely to split owing to a host of different reasons. This article highlights some of the common reasons that should make you wonder if it’s time to end the herpes relationship.

  • When you know your partner didn’t tell about his herpes diagnosis: Trust is one of the important factors in any relationship. When you’re in a relationship with someone and you get to know that he has been affected with herpes but didn’t tell you about it, should you consider giving him a chance? Although there can be a host of reasons behind this, giving him/her another chance would mean giving another opportunity to stab you in the back. Given the fact that the herpes infection is an incurable STI, it is essential that there is transparency in the relationship.
  • He / she refrains from following any precautions: You know that your partner has the herpes simplex virus but he/she is in no mood to follow any precautions. According to medical experts, following precautions and taking medications is the only way to prevent giving spreading the virus to another individual. In case your partner hasn’t been following any precautions, it is evident that he isn’t worried about you and all he needs is someone to cater to his sexual desires.
  • You realize that there is no future: Realizing that you aren’t excited about the idea of getting married to your partner is a sure sign that things are no longer working the way you had anticipated earlier. Herpes isn’t the only reason for the rift between you and your companion. There are various other reasons why you should consider moving on. Some people have confessed that their partner’s behavior towards them changed significantly on discovering about their herpes infection. This is when you to take the bull by its horns and make the tough decision of seeking a better partner.

Not all herpes relationships work out. Although a lot of people say they wouldn’t mind getting into a relationship with someone living with herpes, things change when they’re on ground zero. Herpes dating site such as PositiveSingles.com have been known to cater to the needs of herpes singles since 2001. This is where you’d be able to connect with like – minded people from across the globe. This way, you wouldn’t have to worry about being cheated or even rejected because of your STD status. When you don’t need to have ‘the talk’, things are more likely to get simpler.