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Reviews of the Herpes Dating Sites 2016

When people initial finds out that they have herpes, they feel as though their chances of dating with others or developing a relationship have just destroyed. This causes many people to stop dating altogether. Online herpes dating sites are a helpful tool for people with herpes to find love. While registering on these sites their wide reach, privacy features and safety features must be considered. When you search for "herpes dating" you are now presented with so many options. How do you choose? We are here to help guide you to the best herpes dating sites.

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Top 5 Ranking of Herpes Dating Sites:

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Best Herpes Dating & Support Site
PositiveSingles.com is the number one dating site for people who have herpes. 65,000 couples have found each other through its services. 

800,000 Active members
Female/male - 53% / 47% | 15,000+ daily active members
Love, happiness, and even a life partner are your potentials with PositiveSingles.com. You get the added bonus of having a group of friends that are as close as a click away that can help you make it through some of the rough spots that living with herpes can bring to your life.So you have an option... (Read More)

Meet People With Herpes
Mpwh.com provides a meeting place that is free of judgment, prejudice and rejection encountered so frequently by those with the disease.

300,000 ACtive USERS
Female/male - 46% / 54%
If you are single and looking then you have already figured out that dating is hard. Not so much the dating really, but finding someone with similar interests can be very difficult. Now imagine being single and looking and you have herpes...(Read More)
STD FRIENDS Dating Group
STD Friends is a Facebook-type website that caters to people living with STDs. This is a brilliant idea whose time has come.
60,000 active members
Female/male - 45% / 55%
There are no negative aspects of this website worth mention. If you have, or know someone who has, an STD, the site is a must see. The functionality and feel of the site are on par with others... (Read More)
genital herpes singles dating
H-Date, Everyone Deserves To Find Happiness! H-Date is very easy to use. The features are quite enormous. 
40,000 active USERS
Female/male - 51% / 49%
 You can find forums on health, discussion groups and support. The information is timely and informative. You have no need to be embarrassed..... (Read More)
New for Herpes DATING
Herpes-Dating, Meet herpes friends.Dating with herpes friends.Support and even love!Join Free Today
45,000 active USERS
Female/male - 44% / 56%
 Majority of herpes singles has really found it difficult to get their desired partners, most especially single men and women. Here, our community is keen at helping herpes singles find the love they desire. .... (Read More)

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People With Herpes Can Still Find Love And Happiness

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Five Love Languages - On A Dating Site For People With Herpes

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Log on and Find Love: How to Write Your Online Dating Profile

So, you have tried finding love the traditional way – introducing yourself to that guy or girl, gone to events or even the library to find a love connection or even trying to keep that high school sweetheart because you are used to them – and it has all failed. But there is another problem which is you are living with HIV or an STD such as herpes.So how do you find true love but also make sure that you do not pass on your condition to your new partner…(Read More)